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About incluseu

InclusEU is born with the idea of including those young people or citizens whose economic, personal or social development has been affected by the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

This project faithfully follows two of the priorities set in the guide for this CERV call: to analyze the consequences suffered by youth and European citizenship as well as to include those social groups most excluded or with fewer opportunities due to their dysfunctionalities through the possibilities offered by the European framework. Therefore, InclusEU will establish a new perspective in the dialogue in the future of Europe where young people will be the main actors and volunteers in alleviating this reality through solidarity activities that allow to build relationships and integrate those social groups that are more socially excluded. 

The target of the InclusEU project will be young Europeans which would be the main target group on this proposal with an intergenerational perspective. This project will present a cooperation itinerary between 8 European cities that will last 24 months and that will focus on the exchange of experiences, intercultural dialogue, debate and joint reflection. 

During these 24 months, the different participating entities will organize 8 international meetings where young people from diverse social contexts will reflect and debate on different aspects related to the exit from the social exclusion of youth by volunteerism, through conferences, workshops, open discussions, debates, etc.


  1. Promote the awareness of solidarity and sense of volunteering through youngsters and Europeans through the analysis of the main consequences provoked by Covid-19.
  2. Reinforce the tolerance from those social groups with less opportunities or more excluded from society.
  3. Encourage the participation and active involvement from youth in humanitarian actions besides the current Covid-19 pandemic.
  4. Increase the sense of unity and integration besides Europeans, independently from their self-conditions, social backgrounds in order to respect European values and rights.