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Associação Juvenil de Deão (Portugal)

The AJD was formally founded on 19 April 1997 and aims to create and develop social, cultural, sports and artistic activities for the youth, particularly in the area of leisure time, volunteering, cooperation and training, promoting and improving their access to information, their social integration, civic participation and equality between men and women.

With regard to its scope of intervention, the association has been working mainly with children and young people from the rural areas of Viana do Castelo AJD has and organizes exchange programs for young people aged 14-30 years old and coordinates and hosts European Voluntary Service projects. Besides the fact that the whole AJD team understands and interculturality, AJD itself has participated in several exchange programs and trainings for for youth workers and maintains international relations with different entities. In addition, AJD has a youth support.

It also has a youth support office, in which it supports young people in realizing projects and finding support programs for entrepreneurship.