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Associazione InCo-Molfetta (Italy)

InCo – Molfetta is a no-profit association, born in 2016, thanks to a group of members moving to Apulia region after several years of mobility experience abroad. The members decided to settle down a new local organization in Apulia in order to provide local youngsters the same opportunities as they had benefitted.

The aim of the association is to promote and support mobility abroad, contacts, exchanges and meetings at international level; to promote mutual tolerance and intercultural sensitivity among young people and adults; to support the unformal process of European integration in our community. In addition InCo-Molfetta activities are addressed to create intercultural abilities and non-formal competences for all the participants.

InCo-Molfetta believes in a world without prejudices, where every culture gets exploited, recognizing weakness and strength points, without any discrimination. The association supports non-formal education in general such as: mobility abroad, courses regarding European projects, ICT and language workshops, entrepreneurship, group work on certain topics, seminars in public schools regarding European mobility, the dual system of study/work at school, etc…

InCo-Molfetta has a wide experience regarding international projects, trainings, non-formal education, youth exchanges, EVS, VET, adult education, etc. One of the main aims of the organization is to foster Non formal learning at school and civil society through different tools.