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In the heart of winter, on December 14th and 15th, the vibrant city of Rzeszow, Poland, became the stage for a significant gathering that brought together enthusiastic youths and partner representatives from various European regions. This event was a key part of a series of international activities focused on strengthening the spirit of volunteerism and promoting the core values of the European Union.
The meeting in Rzeszow was a special occasion, not only for its engaging discussions and workshops but also for the unique opportunity it presented to showcase the rich regional culture. Participants were treated to an array of traditional songs and dances, offering a glimpse into the local heritage and fostering a sense of unity and celebration among the diverse group of attendees.
The event’s agenda was thoughtfully designed to emphasize the importance of respect, tolerance, and inclusion, drawing inspiration from the European Charter of Fundamental Rights. Young people engaged in meaningful dialogues, reflecting on the significant humanitarian crises of recent years and exploring how volunteer actions can promote a more inclusive society.
A seminar on the Charter of Fundamental Rights provided a deeper understanding of the fundamental rights and values that underpin the European Union. This educational session was complemented by visits to hospitals and centers supporting individuals with various needs, highlighting the real-world impact of inclusion and the importance of integrating these institutions into society.
The workshop titled “Youth within Volunteerism” created a platform for young attendees to share their experiences and insights into the world of volunteering. It was an opportunity for them to learn from each other and to understand the diverse ways in which they can contribute to their communities.
In addition to the formal sessions, the event also featured guided trips that allowed participants to explore the historical and cultural landmarks of Rzeszow. These excursions provided a relaxing and educational break from the workshops, fostering camaraderie and a deeper appreciation for the host city’s heritage.
As the event concluded, it was evident that the gathering had successfully highlighted the critical role of volunteerism in upholding European values. The discussions and cultural exchanges not only enhanced the participants’ understanding of these values but also equipped them with the knowledge and motivation to become ambassadors of tolerance and integration in their local regions.