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Rafelbunyol City Council

Rafelbunyol is a municipality in the Valencian Community, Spain. It is located in the province of Valencia, in the comarca of “la Horta Nord” municipal term also includes the population entity of Els Forriols.2 The registered population in the municipality in 2019 was 8,941 inhabitants.

The municipality is part of a historically agricultural region, originally most of the municipality was unirrigated land except for an area located to the southeast of the town, irrigated by the waters of the Acequia Real de Moncada (Royal Canal of Moncada). Nowadays, the exploitation of groundwater by means of the thirteen existing irrigation wells and the application of irrigation techniques inherited from

the Arabs, has changed the agricultural physiognomy of the municipality.

Rafelbunyol Town Council is following the latest European initiatives that confer new opportunities, development and enrichment to its inhabitants, as well as to the infrastructure of the town. Currently it

is framed in joint projects that will contemplate actions of innovation, development and research, promotion of low carbon economies, environment and energy efficiency, information and communication technologies, employment and labour mobility, and poverty and social inclusion, always with the participation of associations and groups of the municipality.

The Town Councils of Rafelbunyol (Valencia) and Roumazières-Loubert (Poitou-Charentes) signed, in

May 2017, a first twinning agreement, aware of the ties of friendship and solidarity that exist between these two municipalities and convinced that mutual collaboration will benefit them mutually, and will be

a way to deepen the territorial union, and actively contribute to the full construction of the Europe of citizens.