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USLIP Asociația Centrul de Educație, Formare Profesională și Sindicală [USLIP] (IASI – Romania) (IASI – Romania)

USLIP Iasi, a trade union organization of pre-university teachers from Iasi, is a basic entity that organizes activities for teachers for over 20 years and which supports education in the 224 schools. With around 8700 members, aged between 20-65 years, USLIP aims, through programs, measures, or in collaboration with some educational partners, to improve the conditions in schools.

Our vision is to cultivate dynamic relationships between the community, students, parents, and teachers. According to our mission, we understand education and training as the basic tool to ensure social equality. Moreover, our activity is based on the support provided to teachers in professional and educational evolution.

The purpose of this organization is to focus on:

– defending the rights of its members

– acting as an active factor in the modernization of education

– elaboration and implementation of projects, training programs, and reconversion programs to strengthen staff skills and support the integration of young people into the labor market.

USLIP offers projects, activities, and training programs to educate employees with the following profiles: teachers, managers, members of the school boards, Methodists, members of the quality assurance commission, members of the European projects commission, union leaders, and all those concerned with continuous professional training.

Our organization work in straight connection with local public bodies, local schools, local agents, and youth associations and we can involve many local partners in the implementation of project activities.

USLIP team members will ensure, as project partners, to contribute to the correct implementation of the project idea and to actively participate in all activities.