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The youth of Rafelbunyol will travel around Europe with the Inclus EU project to 8 different cities.

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The young participants have already received the necessary training to participate in the project about EU institutions, participation and voluntarism.
Yesterday, took place the initial training, which was attended by the young participants of Rafelbunyol who will be engaged in the InclusEU project, a European project addressed to the youth, in cooperation between 8 European cities and towns, of which our Council is the leader.
During the training, they were informed about the content of the project, the role they will develop as international agents on behalf of the Rafelbunyol Council and how they can actively participate in international mobility programs organized from Europe.
Over the next 24 months, more than 30 young people from the town will participate in 7 other meetings in Hungary, Romania, Poland, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal and Ireland.
The first of these meetings will take place in Rafelbunyol from the 9th to the 12th of March, which will combine cultural exchange, debate and intercultural reflection, with interesting presentations and round tables about the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic on the economic, personal and social development of young people.
«The youth of Rafelbunyol is an active and involved youth, with awesome proposals for improvement and willingness to move towards a more inclusive society. InclusEU will establish a new perspective in the dialogue of the future of Europe where young people are the engine of change,» says Fran López, Mayor of Rafelbunyol.
«During this training we have been able to see the involvement of young people, belonging to the associative, cultural and educational agents of the town. Supporting the youth, giving them a voice and a leading role in future policies, is a priority for Rafelbunyol» says Rosa Azor, Councillor for Youth.

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